Work Hard

Breathe deeply through the day with a plan in mind.
Enjoy the ebb and flow of momentary uncertainties and sweet surprises.
Make things happen, Get it done. Get many things done.
And Smile.
This is life. It is for the taking.
Life is not a passive existence.
Spend some money. Its only money.
Save for the big things – the things to savor.
And Smile.
To everyone.
Kindness can take you a long way and open many doors.
It may save your life.
Dont hesitate to make fun a priority. Why not?
History shows people creatively finding fun and joy in the most tragic circumstances.
Fun and Joy are necessary for survival.
Necessary. A necessity. Make it so.
And Smile.
Smiles breed fun, encourages kindness,
makes it possible to get things done – many things – in one day.
Some moments, be still.
Rest. Absorb your surroundings and the “now” of it.
Breath deeply. Know where you are.
Orient yourself – to the sun, to the task, to the moment.
And Smile.

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