Three weeks without laying my head on my pillow.
Finally, familiar arms to hold me.
A gentle breath and snore to comfort me.
My dreams fell silent until I settled back into my bed,
Then a flood of imagery, of meetings and partings flowed in waves.
Dreams caught all the emotion spoken and unspoken,
playing it all back, revealing my truth in those experiences.
My dreams are filled with images of water, flowing, swirling, ebbing, surging.
but – gently, no surprises, no dark drama, no Tsunami or rip tide.
Examining the realities of my life, my choices.
the people, the kindnesses exchanged, the love that always has flowed for me
like a subterranean river – Carried me. Carries me still.
My center, my gravity, my Prana, my OM.
A current of love, springing from the
tiniest spring and from great deep aquifers,
lying just beneath the surface, keeping me afloat.
It isn’t that I hydroplane through life.
oars are in the water.
A rudder sinks into the current and exerts control over the power of the river.
Life is in that relationship between controlling your direction
and going with the flow.
The waters will always flow for me
deep and gentle.
It will be a groundswell of love that will guide this vessel.

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