Two rivers meet to create a larger body of water.
Combined they are a single source of power with its own dynamic.

The Green River and the Colorado meet creating the gorgeous Canyonlands.
The White Nile and the Blue Nile merge at Khartoum, a city of Pharaohs and Queens
Together they are the source for the Great Nile running through Egypt and pushing out the Nile Delta into the Mediterranean sea.
In Brazil, the Amazon River converges with the Rio Negro forming the regions richest port celebrated in music and folklore throughout south america.

Human bodies are made of 60% water.
The brain and the heart are composed of 73% water.
When humans, like rivers, merge, a new source of creative power flows.
The merger results in artistic expression beyond each individual.
Artful “Accidents” are born from the collective consciousness.
Some say this is channeling the divine.
To say “you have a gift” is not commentary on the capabilities of the person
rather it is a recognition that the artist is open to the conflux of
forces letting the divine flow through.
Like a river – the forces flow
in expression of infinite beauty
curiosity, celebration.

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