An Urge to Murder

I can’t say I’ve never had the urge to take another’s life.
I have felt a hatred so intense
that something snapped inside me.
I threw myself against another person
in a murderous rage so viciously
I tore off one of my own fingernails
clawing at his denim covered arms.
Had I been able, I would have torn out his eyes,
his tongue, wrapped my arms around his neck and
twisted his head off like a bottle cap.
But I was 5 years old. and he was in his 30’s.
He had just shot and killed my dog Rebel,
Incorrectly assuming my well-trained labrador
would kill a farmers chicken.
I am now in my 50’s.Much more a pacifist.
But If I ran into that denim coated man today,
he should still fear me.

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