The Praying Mantis

Front legs worrying,
tumbling over and over
as if the subject of his prayers must be gathered up,
lifted as an offering.
A tilt of a triangular mandibula
a slow motion Tai Chi dance
ritually moving through the prayers.
Ritual motion is replaced by
unending stillness
broken only by the falling rain.
The prayers have been answered,
the arachnid moves for shelter under a shimmering leaf.


Settling into the quietness of longer evenings,
The long shadows of Fall and Winter.
Life is both muted and enhanced by silence.
In the quiet, gestures are noticed more,
the glances are watched more acutely.
Nesting brings intimacy desired or not.
Our close proximity brings scents closer to each other
stirring pheromones.
Passions are enlivened – both positive and negative.
And so the desire arises to hibernate alone,
away from the intimacy
to a protected and private sphere
in which we can recharge, ruminate
restore ourselves
to ourselves
so that we may emerge anew in the spring.